“Quotes From Ken”

“From space planning to final installation, our staff oversees projects every step of the way. We personally specify, order and install everything from carpet and draperies to custom-designed furnishings. Our capability allows us to meet your individual needs more precisely. Because we can order directly from the manufacturers, we are able to deliver our comprehensive quality services at very competitive prices.”

“Interior Design is not artificial. It is the outgrowth of your needs and desires, and of the space itself. My team and I through the years have welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the architect, developer and contractor whenever possible. These working relationships can add important dimension to interior design considerations.”

“Working closely with the architect I, as well as my associates, have been fortunate to create interiors to illuminate the structural details of the diverse projects we have all collaborated on.”

“Workplaces as well as personal residences must meet individual needs as efficiently and effectively as possible. No matter what type of Home, Workplace, Boutique Hotel, Health Care Facility, Place To Worship, etc. you need – large or small, formal or casual – we work to discover the best way to establish the image you desire. We don’t believe in standard answers. We custom-tailor any interior – to each individual needs!”