While function is always an important factor in design, aesthetic qualities and personal response must be considered as well. A space that is functional, efficient and effective need not be cold or impersonal. Kenneth Jorns & Associates designs, clean, uncluttered personal and professional spaces with a spirit of comfort and warmth.

The KJA Experience
Great interior design lies in cohesively combining beautiful elements with their surroundings to infuse them with a keen sense of the client’s personality. Kenneth Jorns & Associates integrates these elements into all of their exemplarity interior design concepts. They offer this expertise to clients throughout the U.S. and Internationally.

Talent, Resources and Experience
Since 1976, this award-winning formula has been paired with Mr. Jorns exceptional talent and his extensive network of resources. Offering turnkey procurement of furnishings, fixtures, equipment and accessories, Kenneth Jorns & Associates can create a uniquely-designed environment for your business or residence which is tailor made to fit your style and taste.


Integrity, Warmth and Enthusiasm
Honesty and courtesy are paramount features of our business practice. Clients comment time and again that “we listen exceedingly well” to requests, that we take time in understanding their vision, and that we respect their ideas while enthusiastically working as a team on their project.

An Essential Member of Your Project Team

Give us the opportunity to collaborate with your architect and contractor on your forthcoming project. We will become a responsive and flexible member of your project team and know how to build consensus. Our goal is to make your project a positive and pleasing experience for everyone involved.

The trade media has described Kenneth Jorns’ pleasing blend of diverse styles, colors and periods as “refined eclecticism.” Kenneth Jorns & Associates is known for seeking out the unusual to enliven the familiar. Enjoy the charm of an unexpected accessory or a cheerful surprise of color. We infuse fresh and innovative treatments into functional work spaces and homes that encourage secure, confident, and peaceful working and living environments.

For projects of every variety and scale, from sleek skyscrapers to cozy bungalows; Allow us the opportunity to share your vision and create your dream. Call Kenneth Jorns & Associates for your next project.

Determined to discover the optimum solution to your design needs, our professionals work closely with you. We examine your needs, likes, dislikes and how you live and work. Next we review and analyze the space. We understand that your input is vital to helping us arrive at a design that breathes life into your environment.

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